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Applying the creative process as a catalyst for social inclusion, personal and professional development.

What we do

We believe that the world of art and that of emotions are closely linked, which turns every creative process into a catalyst for social inclusion, personal and professional development. Therefore, by awakening and building on individual creative potential and emotional intelligence, we aim to support positive change towards a more inclusive, happy, inspired and sustainable society.


Social enterpreneurship, diversity and inclusion, migration policies


Youth enterpreneurship, mentoring, career counseling, creative learning


Social inclusion, sustainable employment, peer appreciation

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Emotional Intelligence on labour market

Project’s scope is focused in tackling the needs of VET sector in vocational advisory. According to the project experts’ research (representing all partners) and available literature there is a need to update outdated tests, which have been used since years and methodology of supporting career decisions and vocational development of people during transition and long-term unemployed looking for competencies important in open EU job market. The format and methodology of assessment and supporting vocational development are not suitable any more for young EU citizens, which means that VET advisors (working in schools, labour agencies, coaches, ect.) are looking for new tools assisting personal career development.


This project is co-funded by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union.