Exploring Climate Change and Environmental Awareness in Ankara

Between the 11th and 17th of July, the “1.5 Degree” project was held in Ankara, Turkey. Six countries participated in this exchange: Turkey, Romania, Kosovo, North Macedonia, Bulgaria, and Greece. The Center for Creative and Social Practices sent 7 participants who represented Bulgaria in this Erasmus+ project.

During the project, important topics for Europe and the whole world were discussed, including global climate changes, carbon footprint, and how we could reduce it. Participants explored what each of us can do to preserve nature and examined the role of large companies in the climate crisis. Throughout the project, participants demonstrated their artistic potential by presenting short plays on the topic of environmental awareness and humanity’s influence on nature. They also gave presentations on these topics. An essential part of the project involved the exchange of best practices that each of the countries has in coping with global climate problems.

The participants also didn’t miss the opportunity to make friends, have lots of fun during energizers and cultural nights, and get to know more about people from other countries. This amazing experience brought new knowledge to all of them. We are looking forward to continuing with such projects and sharing the results with you!