UNIKS Positive Connections

About the Project

Uniks is a recognition feedback technology platform that offers a 360º analysis of strengths and opportunities for improvement, and the exchange of gratitude between people. We improve the results of organizations through people. We do this by working on self-knowledge, communication and interpersonal relationships through open and dynamic feedback. People’s emotional well-being will positively impact team performance. In addition to providing services to companies, we have the challenge of collaborating with EDUCATION. Therefore, we offer our platform to academic institutions to improve the emotional education and self-awareness of students.



Our project is developed by a team of HR experts, talent management and development of people and teams, with extensive experience in 360º analysis tools and positive recognition tools. The team includes consultants, psychologists and coaches. We work in an entertaining way with the mobile to achieve high impact results on people, teams and organizations. Giving and receiving feedback is agile and fast, thus achieving more commitment and participation than with other 360º feedback and recognition tools.

How UNIKS can have a positive impact on organizations

With the feedback received from coworkers, friends and family members, individual and group profiles are prepared. In this way we have a 360º feedback that gives us key information to improve self-knowledge and identity our main strengths and improvement opportunities. In addition to 360º feedback we give the opportunity to express gratitude to others. Recognition allows people to give and receive recognition for the good things they give us and people bring to organizations. The concepts are configurable by organizations so they reflect their values and desired behaviors.

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