POWER UP! Knowledge is POWER: Providing learning and empowering opportunities for young adults with special educational needs (SEN)

About PowerUp!

The project is specifically designed to foster inclusivity and celebrate diversity by focusing on providing learning and empowering opportunities for young adults with Special Educational Needs (SEN). It aims to develop high-quality, accessible entrepreneurial-focused resources tailored to the unique learning needs of these individuals while also enhancing the skills and competencies in adult learning.

Statistics reveal about 6% of Europe’s population diagnosed with dyslexia, while Autistic Spectrum Disorders (ASDs) are reportedly more prevalent than previously estimated. The European Union prioritizes inclusive education systems to offer equal learning opportunities, aligning with a rights-based approach.

Highlighting the significance of formal competence in securing employment, it is necessary to equip individuals with SEN with relevant knowledge and skills for labor market integration. Entrepreneurship is underscored for job creation and economic growth, with entrepreneurial education deemed vital as a lifelong learning process, starting from early schooling to adulthood.

The Power Up training modules are focused on social inclusion, non-discrimination and entrepreneurial learning.

Background and Objectives

Aligned with the goals of the 2023 European Year of Skills, the project aims to enhance competitiveness and create avenues for training, ensuring individuals acquire the skills demanded by the workforce. Moreover, POWER UP! prioritizes training and empowering young adults with SEN to prepare them adequately for employment success. The primary objective is to empower these individuals through entrepreneurship.

The project encompasses the creation of an evidence-based training course centered on entrepreneurship, comprising six microlearning modules. These modules cover various aspects, including integrating entrepreneurship into mainstream education, addressing challenges faced by young adults with SEN, core entrepreneurial skills, problem-solving, and fostering creative thinking.

The project involves digitalizing the POWER UP! DiGi Training Manual and uploading it to a dedicated MOOC platform, alongside other resources. Additionally, an online ‘Sharing Knowledge’ hub will facilitate the exchange of experiences, best practices, and knowledge related to learning with SEN and youth entrepreneurship.

Furthermore, a mobility training program for adult trainers specializing in the SEN sector aims to expand their competencies, improve learning opportunities tailored to individual needs, promote social inclusion, entrepreneurship education, and active citizenship among young people. This initiative also seeks to foster international exchange, creativity, and positive relationships among young entrepreneurs across diverse geographical areas.

Project partners

The partnership consortium comprises institutions with diverse educational backgrounds and expertise, fostering an opportunity for the exchange of varied knowledge and experiences. This diversity extends to a broader network involving experts, educators, associated partners, and key stakeholders. The distinct backgrounds among partners create synergy, combining various know-how and perspectives.
The POWER UP! project brings together the expertise of 5 organizations in 5 different European countries.

  • Centre for Creative and Social Practices (CCSP) BULGARIA
  • ENOROS Consulting Limited CYPRUS
  • VAEV Research and Development Agency GmbH AUSTRIA
  • Institute of Entrepreneurship Development (IED) GREECE

The consortium deliberately incorporates individuals and organizations from different sectors to harness this diversity, aiming to create innovative and adaptable tools and materials.

Target groups

Specific goals include extending and developing educators’ competencies, improving high-quality tailored learning opportunities, facilitating social inclusion of young adults with SEN, promoting entrepreneurship education and social entrepreneurship, as well as empowering active citizenship among young people.The project targets:

  • Young Adults with SEN/ Young Entrepreneurs
  • SEN Experts and Professionals (SEN educators, clinical & educational) psychologists, experts in social and educational entrepreneurship)
  • Employers, representatives from employment agencies, Unions/Associations in job sector, policymakers

The PowerUp project is funded by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union. Views and opinions expressed are however those of the author(s) only and do not necessarily reflect those of the European Union or the European Education and Culture Executive Agency (EACEA). Neither the European Union nor EACEA can be held responsible for them.